Each participant who successfully completed the course is empowered to stand out in the competitive job market. Every candidate will end up with a personal brand that includes a website, an updated resume and a business card. Matchbox candidates are job ready!

Matchbox candidates from Hobart, Tasmania.


Joe Clements

Animal Caregiver

Scott Naden

App Developer

Tom Leppard


Audrey Durbridge


Monica J. Bayes

Performing Artist

Felicity Jane Horsley


Anthony Robe

Project Development

VIctoria Hadley

Retailer, Musician 

Jorge Burgess-Lowe

Retail Profession 

Shane Hawthorne

Software Engineer

Richard Johnson

Business All-Rounder

Jonathan Crowden

Veterinary Nurse

Janine Martel


Ian Cresswell

Violin Teacher, Promotor, Politican

Ben Peelman

Graphic Designer

Elise Stansfield

Wedding Photographer

Leesa Harrison

Health Management

Brian Morris

Wellbeing Workers

Anna Rispoliy

IT-Technician / Game Developer

Paul Attrill

Wildlife Educator

Tony Conlan

Literacy & Numeracy Coach

James  McKay

Writer / Journalist

Andy Lex Bain

Maintenance Officer

Jeff Scripps

Youth Worker

Darren Jackson

Network Administrator

Callum Gould

'The most useful job-seeking course by far. Amazing environment  and atmosphere. Fantastic content and awesome trainers.'
' ... a true life changer.'
'The Matchbox program has been the most valuable thing I have done for a long time. It has given me confidence to be myself and motivation to find and create more work.'
'More then 40 years working I have had the opportunity to attend many training programs. The Matchbox training has been whitout doubt the most useful and personnally successful one in which I have participated.'
'Great instructors who genuinely care about helping us in our current unemployment circumstances.'
'This course has been epic. A truly awesome and inspiring experience'.