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The Matchbox Model

The Matchbox three pillar model transforms lives and enables job creation and job placement, not only through traditional methods but by reigniting people‘s confidence to self-promote and reactivate personal and business networks.



Matchbox shares a creative and inspiring environment which creates a casual yet professional and collaborative atmosphere. Each program and workshop is based on a proven method to lead participants to reach their goals.



Matchbox is using the principle that seeking employment or building a business is about implementing a unique advertising and marketing campaign. Participants who undertake the Matchbox program learn how to develop a creative and authentic campaign gaining access to graphic design, social media and strategic insights from industry professionals.



Matchbox offers free accessible online tools for participants to create and update campaigns across many platforms and mediums. Participants learn how to use modern technology in order to access the ‘hidden market’. Whether you are looking for for a new job or building a business, Matchbox will help you stand out from the crowd.

'The most useful job-seeking course by far. Amazing environment  and atmosphere. Fantastic content and awesome trainers.'
' ... a true life changer.'
'The Matchbox program has been the most valuable thing I have done for a long time. It has given me confidence to be myself and motivation to find and create more work.'
'More then 40 years working I have had the opportunity to attend many training programs. The Matchbox training has been whitout doubt the most useful and personnally successful one in which I have participated.'
'Great instructors who genuinely care about helping us in our current unemployment circumstances.'
'This course has been epic. A truly awesome and inspiring experience'.

About us

We're a team passionate about developing great ideas and transforming the existence of individuals and businesses, we do this through implementing simple marketing and advertising principals and creating unique, powerful visual campaigns.  


Matchbox is the brainchild of Donovan John Szypura. Donovan has been working in the advertising and marketing industry over more than two decades. He has a passion for thinking 'outside the square' and brings great ideas to life through sharing his passion with people around him. Donovan has an Associate Degree in Adult Continuing Education and Teaching (Swiss Federation of Adult Learning). 


We use smart technology to support our creative process enabling people around the globe to access what has traditionally been out of reach for the everyday person. We believe that in order to vitalise local and regional economies, we need to embrace the available technology and empower individuals through non-traditional means to join the global community.


Together with leading advertising and marketing professionals, coaches and industry experts, Matchbox believes it’s time to make a positive change in the job market. If you are interested in Matchbox and want to be a part of this cutting-edge opportunity feel free to contact us.

Matchbox Tools

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