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The Matchbox Program

Participants design creative campaigns that best suits their individual needs and the expectations to reach their target audience. Coaches and experts from varying marketing and advertising fields guide the participants through the program, workshops and tailored services.


Participants will leave Matchbox equipped with a powerful plan and a customised personal marketing campaign that can be applied to seeking employment or developing a business.


Matchbox is an ‘open door’ networking hub, we promote and encourage participants to build strong and effective local business connections and employment opportunities.


The Matchbox process

Applying proven principles of marketing and advertising will help the jobseeker to stand out in the job market.

The Matchbox Process
'The most useful job-seeking course by far. Amazing environment  and atmosphere. Fantastic content and awesome trainers.'
' ... a true life changer.'
'The Matchbox program has been the most valuable thing I have done for a long time. It has given me confidence to be myself and motivation to find and create more work.'
'More then 40 years working I have had the opportunity to attend many training programs. The Matchbox training has been whitout doubt the most useful and personnally successful one in which I have participated.'
'Great instructors who genuinely care about helping us in our current unemployment circumstances.'
'This course has been epic. A truly awesome and inspiring experience'.
Matchbox Tools
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